Surf Courses

Our surf courses are designed by the coaches who have surf experience for a decade year more and international surf license. Surfing is an exercise required step-by-step and diligent practice. Each action necessarily influences on the next surfing process. Our students can see their surfing actions through the photography, and our coaches also adjust students' surfing actions based on students' level and quality through their professional judgment, so that students can improve their surfing skills efficiently and effectively.

Whether you have had surfing experience or not, our courses can meet your requirements. Just contact us and inform us what kinds of surf course you want to take, we will arrange our surf course accordingly.



Beginning Course

Suitable for everyone.

Content: Introduction of Surfboards and surf accessories, basic knowledge of ocean current, traffic rules in the water, basic surfing movements, wave observation and all the necessary surfing skills.

Contact us for enrollment form in details immediatly.

Basic/Intermediate Course

Suitable for the people with the surfing knowledge and skills in the beginning course.

Basic course is suitable for the people who have not been able to take off in the white wave area, and hope to catch the broken waves successfully.

Intermediate course is suitable for the people who can catch the waves which have not yet broken, and want to learn how to run left or right and do some actions according to the movement of waves.

Group Course

Many schools and corporations cooperate with us to arrange group courses. Please contact us for detailed information.